Postad i: Fjunkuppdatering

Fick den frågan på tumblr för länge sen, men svarar nu ^^ På engelska, kass grammar, i know :) Once I climed up on a very high playground unit, it was at least 3m up in the sky. I remember meny people screaming at me the second i reached the top. Yelling at me to get down. but I wasn't afraid and just stood there and wonder what everyone was so upset about.
My and my mother visited that place 17years later. It was a zoo, kålmorden, in Sweden and i saw the high playground unit again. This time my mom told me about how early i started to walk and run. She also told me a story of when i wasn't even one year old and got up that play unit and refused to get down. All moms around said to my mon to get me down, but she was afraid to scare me, so i would fall. So she just waited for me to climb down.
And thats as far as i can remember c:

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